The one app you need to stay organized

Online information overwhelms you. Sprout gives you a central workspace to save and organize your information, track your projects and discussions, and achieve your goals.

Organize all your interests and projects into Trees

Say goodbye to the frustration of separate apps for bookmarks, notes, to-dos and project information. Sprout lets you save it all together and create groupings that make finding and organizing your information easy.

Save the info you need in one centralized place

Sprout leaves are a simple way to save diverse kinds of content on a single tree together. Collect bookmarks, notes, tasks, discussions and more without ever needing a separate app.

Save links faster with the Sprout Save Button

If you see an article or other item you want to act on, the Sprout Save button lets you save it a centralized place with one click.

A clear place for everything

Gone are the days of saving information in separate apps and struggling to track and combine it all. Now your projects, articles, notes and to-do lists can all live in one easily searchable, customizable, well-organized place.

A more flexible way to track your daily to-dos

Personal tasks arise from different sources and contexts –personal, family, work. Sprout gives you a special tree called My Tasks as a place to collect things that need to get done without distracting your during your day.

Get it off your mind and save it to Read Later

Things come to mind that you want to read and save during the day. It’s important to save them without becoming distracting or losing focus. With Sprout, you get a special tree called Read Later where you can quickly save thoughts, notes, links, and tasks as they come to mind. It’s a fast and easy starting point to capture information.

Follow people with similar interests to receive updates

With Sprout, posts are all saved to trees. Choose which people or topics to follow and receive updates based on your interests. Each update also provides links back to related posts. Each topic is like a syllabus of related content.

Accomplish it together

Sprout helps you stay organized when working on your own, in a group, on a team or in a community. It’s one familiar workspace where you can be productive, stay up to date and collaborate.

For individuals

Need a personal workspace to stay organized? Sprout is the answer. And you control whether to make that work private or public.

For groups

Invite people to any topic you create for efficient private or public collaboration.

For teams

Create teams to organize topics, projects and people.

For communities

Need a place for your organization or club to connect, share and work? Sprout is an easy to use and enjoyable tool for community collaboration.

That’s an overview of how Sprout helps you save, organize, and do what you need to accomplish. It makes it easy to work as an individual or collaborate with groups, teams, and communities.

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