Your information works better together

Online information overwhelms you. Sprout gives you a central workspace to save and organize your information, track your projects and discussions, and achieve your goals.

Save it

Sprout makes it easy to save bookmarks, notes, clips, to-do’s, discussions and more in one easy-to-use workspace. You’ll get the information down and off your mind by saving it to your Inbox or to topics you create.

Organize it

Gone are the days of saving information in separate apps and struggling to track and combine it all. Now your projects, articles, notes and to-do lists can all live in one easily searchable, customizable, well-organized place.

Track it

You collaborate and share interesting cards with friends, co-workers and the public. Sprout puts it all together. No more digging around for the information you need. No more being overwhelmed by notifications. Follow only the people and topics you choose. Take charge of the notification process. Stay up to date on the recent activity most important to you.

Accomplish it together

Sprout helps you stay organized when working on your own, in a group, on a team or in a community. It’s one familiar workspace where you can be productive, stay up to date and collaborate.

That’s an overview of how Sprout helps you save, organize, and do what you need to accomplish. It makes it easy to work as an individual or collaborate with groups, teams, and communities.

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