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Sprout’s personalized timeline of content is available on your laptop and phone

Sprout brings your ideas together

Ideas in Sprout are organized into topics - a single place for your posts, notes, links and tasks - helping you see the big picture and focus on the details.

Posts are sortable via drag and drop

A topic for every interest

  • Topics can be divided up by pinned, personal, or teams. Use one familiar workflow across personal and work contexts.
  • Collaborators or team members can join and leave topics as needed - so ideas can be shared in a one tidy place.
  • Posts start as quick "tweetable" ideas, links or tasks. Click on a post to expand an idea with notes, checklists, and comments.

"Sprout helps our team of dance instructors coordinate day-to-day operations of the studio. We're able to quickly save ideas for routines, track client progress, and manage projects in one place."

Szewai Lee, Owner of Duet Dance Studio

Awesome lists for everything
Take the best resources scattered around the web and curate them - like a syllabus - to gain insight and knowledge.
Organize your online life
Sprout is a fast and flexible place to save and reference information. Keeping things fast makes you more productive.
Real-time updates
Sprout works in real-time. Reply to someone or move a post and anyone viewing that page will see the update immediately.

Sprout provides different ways to organize information depending on the task.

Flexible ways to organize information

The best way to organize is the way that works

  • To put something into "one place", topics can be organized into sections - or a table of contents. Sections can be organized into a tree and easily sorted by drag and drop.
  • To access information in multiple ways, use labels. A color can be applied to labels as an indication of type or status. Labels provided a flexible way to organize topics
  • Tags help in creating a taxonomy for other users when searching for something.

Collaborate on your terms

In Sprout, you choose whether to keep information private, work with a group or team, or share resources publicly.

Post allow lightweight note taking
Follow people and topics based on your interests
Sprout generates a personalized timeline of content based on people and topics you follow. For important topics, you can opt to be notified of updates.
The tools you need to be productive
In Sprout, your personal productivity comes first. Social and collaborative features stay out of your way until you need them.
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