Your workflows go better together

Using separate apps to stay organized is frustrating. Sprout brings it all together in one familiar workflow.

Save the info you need in one centralized place
Say goodbye to the frustration of separate apps for bookmarks, notes, to-dos and project information. Sprout lets you save it all together and create tree groupings that make finding and organizing your information easy.
Categorize deeper content with nested branches
Sometimes, a flat to-do list just doesn’t cut it when some items require more detailed information. With Sprout, you can create lists that look like bullets but act like a collection of folders that expand easily to reveal more content.
A flexible place to save
Sprout leaves are a simple way to save diverse kinds of content on a single tree together. Collect bookmarks, leaves, notes, clips, tasks, discussions and more without ever needing a separate app.
Eliminate the need for a separate notes app
Save time and accomplish more by leaving your notes app behind. With Sprout, you can take notes on anything you save - links, to do lists, discussions and more. Your notes will always be there close to what they relate to.
Save the important bits quickly using clips
Need to save a quote or reference text from the web? With Sprout, you can clip text, links and images from a web into Sprout to reference later.
To-do lists
Add to-do lists to any item
It’s frustrating when you bookmark or save useful information, but don’t have a good way to follow up on it. In Sprout, you can add to-do lists to anything you save to track, complete and check off follow-up tasks.
Chat with collaborators, teammates, and the public
Bookmarking, to-do, and note-taking apps rarely provide a good way to discuss content with others. In Sprout, you can start a discussion on any leaf with a group, a team or a public community.
Leaf dividers
Break up projects with leaf dividers.
You saved a list of items, but you need to break it up to make it easier to work with. With Sprout, you can drag dividers between leaves. Break up those tasks, projects and resource collections easily into smaller pieces while still seeing everything on one page.
Categorize and indicate status using labels
Organizational apps often limit you to one group of labels for your whole account. With Sprout, you can create a unique label cluster relevant to each tree. You can also assign different colors to different label types - such as items that are completed, priorities, for later, etc.
Archive to reference later
Finished an article or project, but you want to keep it for future reference? Archive it. With Sprout, you can choose to archive or delete all the content you’re finished with, including trees, branches, leaves and more.
Following feed
Follow people with similar interests
Social apps let you follow users and receive updates. But these updates are one-off disconnected ideas. With Sprout, leaves are all saved to trees – like a syllabus of related leaves. When you receive an update in your newsfeed, the leaf links back to a collection of related leaves. You can follow people or trees to receive updates based on your interests.
Take notice with configurable notifications
Sprout helps you stay up to date with app, email, and browser notifications. Get notified when a leaf is added to a tree, you’re mentioned, or someone comments on a leaf you follow.
Read Later
Get it off your mind and into the Read Later
Things come to mind that you want to read, save, and accomplish during the day. It’s important to save them without becoming distracting or losing focus. With Sprout, you get a place where you can quickly save thoughts, notes, links, and tasks as they come to mind. It’s a fast and easy starting point to capture information.
My Tasks
Track personal tasks that you would like to accomplish
Need a place to write down personal tasks that you would like to accomplish and strike to-dos off as you complete them? "My Tasks" takes the tried-and-true paper approach to the daily tasks list and brings it to the digital world.
Activity timeline
A timeline of activity from trees you belong to
You work in a group, but it’s difficult to know what’s changed since you last signed on. With Sprout, you can view an activity feed that covers all trees you belong to, a specific tree or an individual leaf.
Browser extension
Save links faster with the Sprout Save Button
If you see an article or other item you want to act on, the Sprout Save button lets you save it a centralized place with one click. Or you can choose a tree to put it under.
Public profile
Share collections of resources with others
You share posts on social apps, but your posts are immediately lost in the feed. With Sprout, your leaves are saved and organized into trees for posterity. It makes it easy to link from the newsfeed to a collection of articles – like a syllabus.
Mention users to get their attention
Did you save an article that might be useful to a friend or colleague? With Sprout, you can mention them to people in Leaves, to-do’s, or comments to notify them.
Control who sees what
Sometimes you need to work privately or collaborate in a group, team or community. With Sprout, you control each tree and whether it is private, public or visible only to members of an assigned team.
Work with groups, communities or the public
Sprout gives you the power to collaborate with your work teams, your spouse, your sports club and other social networks in a single, easy-to-use app. Keep your existing collaboration apps (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) for one-off updates, but reach for Sprout when you need to organize a collection of resources and explore trees more deeply.
Organize trees and people using workspaces
Sometimes you have to work in workspaces. But until now, you’ve needed different apps and workflows for your business, organizations, communities and clubs. Sprout gives you one easy-to-learn workflow you can use for all these workspaces. Now you can organize all your people and trees of interest in one place.
Find what you’re looking for
No more struggling to find the information you need now across different apps for bookmarks, notes, to-do’s and projects. Spout keeps it all together in one place so you can find it all with an easy search by context, tree or other choices.
Work faster with blazing keyboard shortcuts
Sprout’s keyboard shortcuts eliminate all the clicking around so you can navigate and work as fast as you can think.