Your workflows go better together

Home surfaces only what you need

A dashboard of your trees, deadlines, priorities, and reading list.

Organize using tree-like groupings

Unlike to-do apps, Sprout trees are nest-able allowing you to save diverse information.

Save diverse kinds of content together

Collect bookmarks, notes, to-dos, discussions and more in leaves without reaching for another app.

Put it on the agenda

Schedule when to work on something, set deadlines sparingly, and add optional reminders.

Make it a priority

No need to over schedule your day. Track it in your ordered priority list.

Save it from the web

Save links with a click or keystroke. Add it it to Read Later, To-dos, Public Profile, or categorize it.

Use links in your workflow

Save links with context – like a social post. Clip the important bits quickly.

No need for a notes app

Your notes will always be close to what they relate to.


Add to-do lists to anything you save to track and check off follow-up tasks.

Discuss with collaborators

Start a discussion with a group, a team or a public community. Notify with mentions.

Categorize using labels

Create a unique label cluster relevant to each tree.

Assign important work

Track your assignments and what you’ve assigned.

Track latest activity

View everything that’s changed at a glance.

Share collections on your profile

Links are saved and organized into trees for posterity – like a syllabus.

Trees + people = workspaces

Create workspaces for your business, organizations, communities and clubs.

Control privacy of your trees

You control each tree and whether it is private, public or visible only to team members.

Follow people with similar interests

When you receive an update in your newsfeed, the leaf links back to a collection of related leaves.

Notifications in one place

Sprout helps you stay up to date with configurable app, email, and browser notifications.

Keyboard first design

Work faster with easy to learn keyboard shortcuts.